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Agis Estate olive oil comes from the mountainous groves covering an area between Gorani and Xirokampi which are two villages situated in the region of Lakonia(south Peloponisse), which lies on the eastern side below the highest peak of the mountain range "Taygetous".

The olives trees are cultivated with total respect to tradition because they are of the same variety (athinolia - koroneiki) which have existed for centuries from the times of Ancient Sparta. They have become accustomed to this regional climate which is very 'special', because it is protected by the surrounding mountain range.

The groves coexist with numerous aromatic wild plants and herbs such as oregano, thyme, lavender, camomile, St Johns worth etc.....

The only water they receive is 'rainwater' and continuous sunshine for over 300 days in a year. The herbs of  sheep and goat in this area  are the only source of  natural fertilization.

The olives are harvested from the beginning of  November  until January, the largest harvest being before Christmas, when the fruit is still green.

This is the purest stage of olive oil  called agourelaio ('raw' olive oil) which lasts for only a few months.

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